God is with us on our journey

“The Lord shall guide you continually”. – Isaiah 58:11.

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Xxx Journey 2.1

Sacred Scripture is replete with journey stories that are important to the story of salvation. Isaiah 35: 8-9 uses this image.   “A highway will be there called the Holy Way: the unclean may not travel by it nor fools stray along on it”.

Having found it, they turn neither to the left nor to the right so as not to fall into adversity or to be burdened with earthly baggage, rather they walk perseveringly on it until they die and enter into the Promised Land.

Always, God is with us on our journey/ In Exod.3:12, God said,“My Presence will go with you”, (also Exod.3:11) during the journey of the Israelites from bondage, through the wilderness into possession of the Promised Land. This is but an image of our journey from birth to death, when Jesus not only walks with us but is in us, and more and more so, as we receive Him every time in the most Holy Eucharist.

xxxJourney 2.2

Just as Jesus came into the world from his Father and then leaves the world to go back to His Father, [John16:28] so we too must follow Jesus on this our one only journey, learning as we go along, to say: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me”. Gal.2:20.

Stay with us , Lord, All through today,
Stay in our hearts, and in the things we say.
Stay with us, Lord, thro’ right or wrong.
As we go our way, help us to be strong.
Help us when the going’s easy and burdens light,
But be closest when it’s dreary and our day is night.
When all seems empty and we’re down and out,
Keep our faith from being clouded with fears and doubts.
Let’s show the world around us, what love can do,
When it’s honest and it’s faithful, when it comes from You.


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